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Best Speed Test Web Services

Speed Test for Desktop Computers  РGlobal most popular speed test service provided by Ookla – USA’s best speed test website since day one – Fancy speed test web from USA, Europe and Aisa – All-in-one versatile network speed test and connection performance test – One of the oldest speed test service for Java, Flash and Mobile РUSA Internet speed test from Cable Provider ComCast – Fiber internet speed test from Verizon Fios – USA ISP speed test from USA Mobile Provider AT&T – CDMA data mobile network speed test from Sprint USA – Broadband speed test from ZDNET – Google YouTube Video Speed 30 days History – Speed Test from France, Romania and India – XMission Speed test web app – Speed test for Vonage VOIP phone service – USA school campus network internet speed test – Internet speed check from Sonic ISP

Speed Test Apps for Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones – iOS Speed Test App – Speed Test X HD for smartphone 2G,3G,4G, LTE and WiFi connection speed test – Speed Test App for iPhone 5, iPod Touch or iPad 4 from Xtreme Labs – Cisco Global Network Internet Speed test for Apple iOS devices – Android Speed Test App – Hi3g speed test Android App for EDGE/3G/4G/LTE mobile data speed test – FCC Broadband Speed test App for Android -Android free Speed Test App for Mobile 3G and WiFi